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Rapid prototyping
business problems

Maido — ‘Sprint Labs’

A five day intensive (but enjoyable) sprint of cross-disciplinary working and collaborative workshops.

W e've spent years perfecting our craft as award-winning digital disruptors. Our thinking has been proven to drive customer acquisition, retention and behavioural change. We love nothing more than to help brands inject that thinking into their existing processes.

We carefully craft bespoke project teams for your needs — selected from our roster of design and development experts. Our intention is to back off where you have experience, and augment where you have less. We strive to put the right heads in the room, and solve meaningful business and customer problems effectively.

We're flexible about how you want to run the sprint, we can come to you, or you can work from our office in Shoreditch — wherever you feel most comfortable.

Are ‘Sprint Labs’ right for you?

How will it help?

  • Time efficiency

    By prototyping early, we ensure that neither time nor effort are wasted. We get to something tangible, quickly — evaluating solutions with real data and insight.

  • Speed-to-market

    Kickstarting projects in this way is proven to reduce time to market — ensuring that you see ROI early.

  • Stakeholder alignment

    You'll finish the sprint with a shared internal understanding of business, customer and operational problems — with a clear direction to pursue solutions.

With help from our team of design and development experts, you can expect to see your ideas broght to life in a series of wireframes, prototypes and visuals.
“Maido have partnered with Google to deliver immersive innovation sprints across a number of clients and industries. The Maido team have developed a format that helps get under the skin of business problems and results in fast and meaningful solutions through their rapid prototyping process. This has led to many successful projects in our work together.”

What happens afterwards?

Route 1:

Active delivery

Recomended —

We can use our in-house team of experts and partners to develop our thinking, and take your ideas to market.

Route 2:

Passive support

We can help you to devise a handover scheme with your existing agencies or internal teams. We can also provide follow-up support, should it be required.

Innovation sprints we've run in the past

Shall we start with a coffee?

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